Capital Allowances

Capital allowances include the expenditure which any business can claim against its taxable profit. A business can claim capital allowances on most of the assets associated with the business, which includes the equipment, research cost, and even the expenses involved in the building renovations.

There’s no denying the fact that this tax relief available on commercial property assets is quite significant, but still, this is the most complex area of the UK tax legislation, and this might be the reason that most of the people overlook it. It is due to the complexity of the capital allowances that more than half of the business in the UK don’t even claim their entitlement, which, when evaluated, can worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Spotting the opportunity of a capital allowance

There can be two opportunities in which you can claim the capital allowances:

  • When the business has its expenditure on purchasing, constructing, refurbishing, fitting or even on the equipment
  • While buying or selling any commercial property Properties which can benefit by acquiring the capital allowance include:
  • Expenses on an office building
  • Entertainment venues and restaurants
  • Nurseries and residential care homes
  • Hotel acquisition and refurbishment
  • Expenses on shopping malls

Why Lovell Consulting for Capital Allowances?

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