Capital Allowances, Trustees and Tax Havens

By : February 8, 2017 Comments Off on Capital Allowances, Trustees and Tax Havens

Capital Allowances, Trustees and Tax Havens – Time to Act Now

Capital allowances are available when taxpayers incur expenditure on buying, building or refurbishing commercial property and the tax benefits can be significant.  It is a non contentious way of reducing a tax bill but in our experience is frequently overlooked.  Many property owners holding UK […]

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Capital Allowances within Offices

By : September 14, 2016 Comments Off on Capital Allowances within Offices

Both owners and occupiers of office buildings can claim substantial capital allowances but this opportunity is often missed. This can be due to confusion over the recent April 2014 capital allowances rules changes or because non-specialist solicitors, accountants and tax advisors do not recognise the full potential of available allowances. Frequently, construction cost information can […]

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