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Capital Allowances: Research and Development Tax Case

Recent Research and Development (R&D) Tax Case Implications for Capital Allowances Claims

Appeal Number: TC/2019/06690

Grazer Learning Limited appealed against HMRC for a tax credit enquiry amounting to £26,050 regarding expenditure incurred on R&D for the accounting period ending 31 October 2017. The £26,050 was initially accepted and paid to the Appellant on 6 June […]

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Lexis Nexis Webinar – Capital Allowances 2021

In this webinar, specialist speakers John Lovell and Kirsty Palacci will provide a masterclass in capital allowances.

The Webinar will cover:

Capital allowances in contextChanges in the 2021 BudgetSuper capital allowancesConstruction/Expenditure ClaimsPurchased Properties ClaimsFreeportsCommon misconceptionsStructures and Buildings Allowance

To view the preview video and subscribe to Lexis Nexis Webinars please click here

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Capital Allowances – Brought back down to Earth

Capital Allowances denied on satellite launch costs


The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) and Upper Tribunal (UT) both found in favour of HMRC in denying Inmarsat Global Limited capital allowances on the launch costs of six leased satellites during the 1990s. Inmarsat had succeeded the trade of The International Maritime Satellite Organisation (IMSO), who had initially incurred the […]

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