Capital Allowances & Data Centres

By : July 25, 2016 Comments Off on Capital Allowances & Data Centres

Substantial capital allowances are available on the construction of data centres.   Up to 90% of expenditure on new build date centres, or higher, can potentially qualify for capital allowances.   The reason for this high level of allowances is that the buildings are normally quite simple enclosures containing vast amounts of mechanical and electrical plant.

Types of […]

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Lawyers Should Seek Specialist Capital Allowances Advice

By : July 1, 2015 Comments Off on Lawyers Should Seek Specialist Capital Allowances Advice

John Lovell of Lovell Consulting , interviewed by Melissa Moore of LexisPSL Property, reflects on how changes to the Finance Act in April 2014 have affected real estate transactions.

Why are capital allowances important to property clients and their lawyers?

Businesses are overlooking millions of pounds worth of tax allowances. Commercial property owners may be failing […]

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Capital Allowances – Demolition Costs

By : May 20, 2015 Comments Off on Capital Allowances – Demolition Costs

Capital Allowances: Demolition Costs

The costs of demolition may qualify for capital allowances in accordance with Section 26 CAA2001.  No capital allowances are available for the costs relating to demolishing building structure, i.e. concrete, steelwork.  However the costs relate to demolishing plant and machinery is deemed to be qualifying for capital allowances.  The costs of the […]

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