Since April 2017 there have been restrictions for deducting interest where bank interest exceeds £2m/annum. This makes the full claiming of allowances for UK entities even more important.

From April 2019 overseas owners of UK commercial properties are subject to CGT and from April 2020, all non-resident landlords will be subject to corporation tax.

This webinar aims to provide you with a good understanding of the key issues for claiming allowances on hotel properties and office buildings for the buying, selling, refurbishing and constructing of space based on case studies and examples of best practice.

Find out how to maximise allowances, how to retain those allowances upon sale and maximise allowances when building, refurbishing or fitting out offices.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Landlord contributions
  • Key types of plant that qualify
  • Enhanced capital allowances
  • Structures and buildings allowance (SBAs) for contracts entered into after 29 October 2018
  • Refurbishments to offices – key issues
  • Repairs to hotels and restaurants
  • Repairs to hospitality and tax relief
  • Asbestos removal and decontamination that typically applies in hospitality, offices, tax relief
  • Repairs to offices and tax relief
  • Capital allowances issues when buying and selling offices
  • Interest relief restrictions from April 2017 and impact on offices/hotels
  • CGT implications for overseas investors of commercial property in the UK from April 2019
  • How should you negotiate allowances when buying an office/hotel?
  • How should you negotiate allowances when selling a property?
  • What information do you need from builders and professional advisors when carrying out building works?
  • Relevant case studies

A preview of the webinar can be viewed here

The full pre-recorded webinar is available here. There is also the option to obtain a full recording on DVD.

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